22 June 2010

Adventures Games #2: Blood of the Cybermen

The BBC have confirmed that the second instalment of The Adventure Games series is Blood of the Cybermen by Phil Ford and will be available Saturday. Blood of the Cybermen will be made available for download on the BBC’s official Doctor Who site following the series finale, The Big Bang at 7pm. The new game also sees the return of an adversary of the Doctor’s that hasn’t been seen on screen since the early Tom Baker years.

The BBC have updated the official site with new content for Blood of the Cybermen including video highlights of an exclusive launch event for the game which happened earlier today in Glasgow. Also been uploaded is a new game trailer for the story which can be seen here on the site plus a concept art gallery and a screenshot gallery for Blood of the Cybermen. An internal version, for people outside the United Kingdom and Ireland, of both Blood of the Cybermen and City of the Daleks should be released sometime soon.

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