26 June 2010

The Big Bang Tonight!

Matt Smith’s first series as the Doctor will conclude its run later tonight with the broadcast of the second part of the series finale; The Big Bang. For the past thirteen weeks Matt Smith has proved that’s he was the perfect actor to take over from David Tennant as the Doctor. The Big Bang will of course be our last new Doctor Who episode to be shown until Christmas but the Doctor will be dropping in on Sarah Jane later this year for one story. Filming for the 2010 Christmas Special and series six begins in Cardiff with Matt Smith within the next month.

The Big Bang will be broadcast by the BBC at 6:05pm on BBC One and BBC HD followed by Doctor Who Confidential; Out of Time over on BBC Three and BBC HD. The Big Bang will be released with Vincent and the Doctor, The Lodger and The Pandorica Opens on DVD and Blu-Ray on the 6th of September.

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