20 June 2010

The Pandorica Opens Overnight Viewing Figures

Doctor Who managed to achieve an audience of 5.9 million for The Pandorica Opens when broadcast last night according to BARB. The Pandorica Opens faced competition last night from the Cameroon v Denmark match in the 2010 Fifa World Cup shown over on ITV1. Doctor Who managed to achieve an average audience of 5.4 million on BBC One with an additional 0.5 million over on the BBC’s HD channel.

Up against ITV1’s coverage of the Cameroon v Denmark match, Doctor Who secured a 31.5% share of the television audience. Doctor Who was the highest rated programme of the day beating its ITV1 competition meaning it is currently the fourteenth most watched programme of the week with only todays viewing figures to be confirmed. Final viewing figures for The Pandorica Opens will be released by BARB within the next ten days.

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