13 July 2010

Final Ratings for The Big Bang

BARB have recently revealed the final viewing figures for the series five finale; The Big Bang by Steven Moffat, when broadcast on the 26th of June. Doctor Who managed to achieve an audience of 6.12 million on BBC One and 0.58 million on BBC HD totalling up 6.70 million overall. Despite being lower than previous four series finales, 6.70 million is a remarkable achievement for any programme to receive in the timeslot it was given on that Saturday. Final viewing figures for the complete series including BBC One and BBC HD can be seen below.

A full coverage of the ratings for series five compared to previous series’ can be found here over on The Doctor Who News Page.

The Eleventh Hour - 10.08
The Beast Below - 8.42
Victory of the Daleks - 8.20
The Time of Angels - 8.59
Flesh and Stone - 8.50
The Vampires of Venice - 7.68
Amy’s Choice - 7.55
The Hungry Earth - 6.49
Cold Blood - 7.49
Vincent and The Doctor - 6.76
The Lodger - 6.44
The Pandorica Opens - 7.58
The Big Bang - 6.70

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