2 July 2010

The Pandorica Opens Final Ratings

Doctor Who managed to achieve an official viewing figure of 7.57 million for The Pandorica Opens when shown on the 19th of June according to BARB. The episode managed to pull in an audience of 6.94 on BBC One making it the fourth most watched programme that week on BBC One, beaten by three Fifa World Cup matches. Meanwhile over on BBC HD, The Pandorica Opens managed to pull in an audience of 0.635 million.

BARB have also confirmed that The Pandorica Opens managed to secure an audience percentage share of 37%. A Top 30 is currently unavailable from BARB, with more final viewing figures still to be released for other channels, but its believed that Doctor Who was the 9th most watched programme of the week. Final ratings for The Big Bang, which pulled in an audience of 5.1 million in the overnights, will be released soon.

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